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We create tutorial videos that explain TrekkSofts functionality in detail and helps you get started with the basic features of TrekkSoft.

Create your first activity

An activity allows you to create a general type of service or offering, each with specific pricing categories for your customers to select from. After creating an activity, you can create multiple availability schedules, which determine the dates and times that they can be booked.

Creating schedules
Creating a schedule allows you to offer day/time slots for customers to book your activities. Schedules are generated by creating a series of rules which reflect your scheduling preferences and maximum capacities. Without a schedule, an activity cannot be booked by your customers.

Adding Price Categories
For each schedule you created you must create one or multiple price categories to make your activity bookable for customers. In a price category you can define the package you are selling for what price and set additional options.

Customise the Emails that are sent to your customers
In order to further tailor your customer's experience to your company, you can customise the automatic emails sent to your customers when they book your activities

Customise your PDF tickets 
In order to further tailor your customer's experience to your company, you can create your own PDF tickets, by either starting from scratch or modifying the existing template. 

Earn Commission by inviting friends to TrekkSoft 
Trekksoft now has a referral feature that allows you to earn commission by recommending us to new customers. We will also give the customer you refer a discount on our price plan. A win-win situation for all involved.

Create Custom fields for Guests
Custom fields are perfect for collecting additional information that you need from your customers (such as hotel, height) or for your own personal records (order invoiced,paid with cash)

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