7th October 2015 - Partner network and Net rate commissions

Today we released two important feature for our partner network:

  1. Partner network administration and TrekkConnect
  2. Net rate commissions within partners

Up to today TrekkSoft was involved in creating the partner networks, setting the commissions and all commissions were only on a percentage bases. This changes by today:

  1. Each merchant with the right to do so (All our Professional and ProConnect Subscribers) can now create and manage their own partner networks. ProConnects can connect to all merchants and resell them and Professionals can connect with each other. This allows to build local marketplaces and merchants with big websites and a lot of visitors to resell other inventory and for smaller merchants its now easily possible to get resold by bigger merchants.
  2. Through the net rate commissions each merchant can define for every activity and price category the reselling prices and be sure they always get paid their minimum amount and at the same time this allows to reselling partners to set their own prices and run their own marketing campaigns with discount codes.

Partner Network

If you have a Professional or ProConnect subscription you are able to manage your own partner network and create or change those subscription.

Under "Admin > Channel Manager > Partner Network" you have a new tab "Network Administration" where you can search for other merchants you'd like to connect with or enter the TrekkConnect code to setup a connection to a merchant you want to resell. 

You can see the existing connections and the conditions below and you can change them, but remember if you change them the merchant needs to accept the connection first until then the connection is blocked.


Every merchant with a subscription has now access to the tab TrekkConnect under "Admin > Channel Manager > Partner Network" where they see their unique code and can define their default commissions and activities they would like to share with other merchants. 

They can share this TrekkConnect hash with a Professional or ProConnect merchant who then can connect to your shared inventory and resell your activities on their platform.

Net Rate Commissions / Reselling Prices

This new feature allows every merchant to set for each price category a reselling price that he will charge a partner through the partner network if they resell their activity. This reselling price is optional, if it's not set the percentage partner commissions will be calculated based on the selling price that you define.

Each merchant can define a different reselling price for each partner.

Define your own selling prices

If you are the partner merchant that resells an activity that has a reselling price defined you can change the selling price for your website on the tab "Activities shared with you" under "Admin > Channel Manager > Partner Network".

Partner Accounting

The partner accounting stays the same but considers now the reselling prices if they are set. So if you share your activities with partners remember that they will get the money and you need to invoice them on a monthly bases.


Next Steps

We are in the process of implementing a complete new reporting solution that will bring the reporting on a new level and allow our professional subscribers to generate their own report based on their data.

Additionally we will release a new point of sale booking desk that allows you to sell activities over the phone or over the counter in a much faster and intuitive way. 

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