Adding Price Categories

For each schedule you created you must create one or multiple price categories to make your activity bookable for customers. In a price category you can define the package you are selling for what price and set additional options.

To create a price categories just click Add


In the popup you can set the different options

The required information is a name and a price and seating typ of the price category.

Seating type: Fixed


  • Single tickets like Adult, Child, Senior
  • A company rents out boats. A guest will rent the whole boat, regardless of the amount of seats occupied. 


Seating: Groups


  • Groups of 10 or more people get a lower price
  • A tour has a capacity of 12. Guests book 3 seats on the tour. 


Advanced Options

  • Down Payment: You can define a lower amount than the actual price that the customer has to pay at the time of booking. 
  • Capacity > Number of seats: If you have a fixed price category that occupies more than one seat on your trip you can define it here.
  • Capacity > Available number of seats: You can set the capacity for this specific price category to limit the numbers of sold ticket per trip for this price category
  • Guest Information: You can define if the customer has to enter the custom guest information for this price category during the booking or after the booking on the thank you page or not at all

You can set the order of the price category by drag and dropping them within the list. The top price category will be taken for the default price calculation.


What's Next?

  • If you're an advanced user and want to use yield management for special pricing, use a downpayment option or translate tours etc. then check out our Pricing Categories.
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