Profile Information

Manage your personal details assigned to your Trekksoft account. 
On the top navigation bar select Settings>Profile 

Booking Email

This is the email your booking confirmations are sent to and all other automatic email sent to you by Trekksoft. Use an email address you regularly check.


Public Information

This information is displayed on your website on the Contact us page and is visible to the public. 


Legal Company Information

This information is important and should be filled out correctly. It is not visible to customers and is only used by Trekksoft for legal reasons. 


Responsible Person

Put down the details of the person responsible for operating the Trekksoft website so that Trekksoft can contact you if necessary. 



At the top right corner of the screen there are these other tabs within the Profile Info page.


Add other languages here. This will duplicate your pages for as many languages you select. Please be aware it does not translate your content. You must do this yourself for each additional language. When you have other languages selected a drop down menu appears on the top right of your website that allows customers to select their desired language. 
If you need to change your default language please contact as this cannot be done yourself.


Add currencies here. There is a default selected, this cannot be changed. If you need to change your default Currency please contact


Here is where you can change your time zone and Input your VAT Identification Number

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