Custom Taxes and Fees

TrekkSoft allows tour and activity providers to customize their booking systems by adding their own taxes and fees. This is great for companies that require guests to pay tolls or other costs that occur during a trip or activity. Companies can also track different taxes that apply to their business using the accounting report, which shows which taxes each customer paid and displays each tax/fee individually.

Creating a New Tax or Fee

To create a new tax or fee, go to Settings > Checkout, Taxes & Fees.

In the tabs menu, please select Taxes & Fees:

Click Add New Tax/Fee at the bottom of the screen.


The name of your tax or fee.

Tax or Fee
Select either “Tax” or “Fee”. Tax is calculated by taking a percentage, while Fees are fixed amounts that are added to the balance of an order.

The value of your tax (a percentage) or fee (a fixed amount).

If this is marked, TrekkSoft will include the tax/fee in the cost of your activity or item. This means any existing prices will not be changed. If unchecked, this value will be added to your customer’s basket in addition to the cost of the item or activity.

If marked, this new tax will be calculated based on the total cost of the activity or item plus any additional taxes or fees that have already been applied to the transaction. Otherwise, the original price of the item or activity will be used for the calculations.


This tax will be applied to the additional services you provide with your trips (food, transportation, insurance...). The value input will be a percentage over the total price of the service. You can catalogue them in the taxes page and add them to your activities. To all of them, or just some of them.

Once you have entered this information, click Save.

Taxes Report

Once you have added your custom taxes and fees, go to Reports > Turnover > Taxes & Fees. This is great for keeping track of legal taxes that you are required to report, as well as recording any general expenses related to your business.

Itemized PDF Receipt

Once your customers have made a purchase, they will receive a separate receipt, highlighting each item and detailing any additional taxes or fees charged. To edit this email, go to Design and Content >Templates and select the “E-Mail Texts” tab. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the PDF Receipt email, which you can customize to fit your business.


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