Shop Items and Activity Add-Ons

Shop Items

In addition to your tours or activities, TrekkSoft allows you to build your own unique shop. Here, customers can purchase specific items such as souvenirs, travel items, or gift certificates to be used in the future. Both shop items and gift certificates have their own custom PDF receipts which you can customize to improve the unique feel of your business.

To create a new Shop Item go to Inventory > Shop Items on the left navigation bar. Then, click on the Add Shop Item button at the top of the page.

 How to edit your shop items


Add-Ons are a great way to sell additional services or items to your customers after they have already decided to book an activity with you. These items will be displayed near the end of the booking process, and only appear after the customer has selected a specific time or activity. A Single Item Add-On can be purchased at any quantity, regardless of the number of guests, whereas a Passenger-Bound Add-On can only be added once to each guest that is booked for the activity.


To create a new Add-On, go to Inventory > Add-On on the left navigation bar. Then, click the Add Add-On button at the top of the page.

After saving the new Add-On, you will be asked to select which activities the item applies to. This way, you can offer items that are specific to your activities, increasing your overall revenue with creative additions that improve your customer’s experience.


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