TrekkSoft - Wix Plugin

Online Booking and Payment Made Easy

TrekkSoft's Wix plugin makes it easy to sync your TrekkSoft inventory and bookings with your website. In less than 5 minutes, you can display your current availability to customers and allow them to purchase directly from your calendar.

Don't lose bookings to third-party websites or consolidated marketplaces with other competitors

TrekkSoft's custom payment solution allows you to use your own branding and content, creating a very impressive booking system that has been designed just for you without advertising other marketplaces or payment providers during the checkout process.

Smooth and simple integration

Sign up for a 14 day free trial, add the plugin to your Wix account, and enter your TrekkSoft information. All that's left is adding a quick line of code in your content where you want customers to book or browse your activities.

[trekksoft type="tour_booking" tour_id="1234"]

TrekkSoft's Wix plugin displays a booking button as soon as you save the code.

Without leaving the page, the customer sees a window appear where he or she can pay for a tour or book other services that you offer.

Speed up your process and spend more time doing what you love, with TrekkSoft's booking and payment system.

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