View your trips and access your guests manifests

The main jobs to manage your trips are: knowing who’s taking care of it, who’s attending, do you need any extra equipment to make this activity happen…

To do this, you have 2 main sections in TrekkSoft: Schedule Calendar, and Manifests & Trips lists, both under Schedule and Manifests.


The Schedule calendar

The Schedule calendar shows a standard calendar with all of your activities, times and capacity statuses in a convenient, easy to read layout. You can select the monthly, weekly or daily view.


Each activity on the calendar is colour-coded based on its current capacity.

Each item's activity, occupancy, capacity can be viewed directly from the calendar view:


For companies managing a very high volume of activities, the Show Filters options view shows activity schedules as rows in a compact list. These lists can be filtered to only show availabilities that match specific criteria:


  • Activity Title - Search for an availability by title.
  • Trips/Attractions - Select which types of availability rules to show - trips or attractions.
  • Activities - Show availabilities that belong to specific activities.
  • Departure Date - Show availabilities that occur on or after a specific date.
  • Booked Trips Only - Only show availabilities that have bookings.
  • Hide Inactive Rules - Do not show availabilities that belong to a blocked or inactive rule.
  • Hide Inactive Items - Do not show availabilities blocked or inactive.
  • Departure City - To edit the availability rule, click on the activity time on the top left of the item.

From this view you can:

  1. Change the capacity of the trip by clicking on the menu icon or the occupancy number; you’ll be able to modify the capacity of each price category separately.
  2. Check the Guest manifest by clicking on the name of the activity.

Trip List

You can manage your inventory through The Trip List. This is overview pages that allow quick access to a number of features for managing and reviewing your availabilities.


By hitting on the Details button, you’ll access a list of customers that are attending a particular tour/date and additional information about them. This is great for giving to tour guides that need to keep track of their group and take attendance. You can export this list and print it out, or if you’re an environment lover like us, you will use the Guest Manifest Feature in the app!

The calendar syncing feature allows you to sync all trips, guest manifests and resources with your favourite calendar

Is really up to you which of these screens you use.


Guest manifest


Each merchant is able to select and order the columns for their guest manifest. Go to Guests > Options.

To reorder the columns, simply drag and drop the fields. Should you wish to remove columns from the Report columns click on the negative sign to the right (indicated below).


You can group the participant list by guests (default), baskets and resources. This allows you to see who booked with whom and provides an easy way to see which resources are selected.


Furthermore, merchants are also able to filter and sort by each column.



Export selected guests

When satisfied with your filtered selection, navigate to Export to generate a PDF or CVS manifest with customer information for that specific trip.


The first page displays tour information, trip date, available price categories, and any remarks.

The second page shows a general manifest list, here is an example of two test passengers:



Trip Summary

This section gives you an overview of what’s going on in the trip: how many spaces left there are, main remarks of the passengers, start and end date…

You can also access your activity from the link in the title.


Notify guests

To email all the participants in a trip, simply select Notify Guests. This will bcc every participant with the message you choose.



Here you can see a list of the users who have and haven’t signed the waiver before your trip starts.

Find out more about SmartWaiver.


Cancel Trip

This is a quick access for you to cancel a whole trip for a given date with just one button.

In case is not the whole trip, and only some customers you need to move over to another date, you can manage each reservation individually:


Edit capacity for multiple trips at once: 

The green Edit Capacity button on the right, next to Calendar Sync, will allow you to edit capacities for multiple tours at the same time. This is useful if you need to make last-minute changes to the occupancy.

Once you are done making your changes, click on Stop Capacity Editing on the right and you will save your changes and return to the regular Trip List.



Edit details for a specific trip:

If you click on the arrow next to Details for a specific activity you will reach a drop-down menu where you can adjust details for the activity, schedule or change the date and time for the trip.


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