How to view and manage your activities schedule

The schedule overview page can be accessed by going to Schedule & Manifests > Schedule Calendar from the left navigation bar.

There are two layout options to view and manage your schedule and capacity: in a simple calendar view or as a list view. These layouts can be selected using the Calendar View or Trip List buttons at the top of the page.



Calendar view

The calendar view shows a standard calendar with all of your activities, times and capacity statuses in a convenient, easy to read layout.

As more guests book with you, if shared resources are occupied or if you manually block a trip, you’ll find that each calendar entry will change in colour. Using the colour-coded blocks in the top right corner, you’ll be able to find out what each colour code means for each trip.

If you manage a high volume of activities, the Show Filters option can display your schedules in a list. These lists can be filtered to show only schedules that match your chosen criteria.



Here are the different filters you can use:

  • Activity Title - Search for a schedule by the title of the activity
  • Trips/Attractions/Rental - Select which types of schedules to show - trips, attractions or rental
  • Activities - Show schedules that belong to a specific activity
  • Booked Trips Only - Only show activities that have bookings
  • Hide Inactive Rules - Do not show activities that have a blocked or inactive schedule
  • Hide Inactive Items - Do not show dates or activities that are blocked or inactive
  • Departure City - Only show activities that depart from a specific city


Trip List

Your Trip List overview allows quick access to a number of features for managing and reviewing your schedules. Here's what you can do in this view:




Edit details for a specific trip:

If you click on the arrow next to Details for a specific activity you will reach a drop-down menu where you can adjust details for the activity, schedule or change the date and time for the trip.



Access Guest Manifest: 

If you click on Details you will be redirected to the guest manifest for this trip.

Edit capacity for multiple trips at once: 

The green Edit Capacity button on the right, next to Calendar Sync, will allow you to edit capacities for multiple tours at the same time. This is useful if you need to make last-minute changes to the occupancy.

Once you are done making your changes, click on Stop Capacity Editing on the right and you will save your changes and return to the regular Trip List.



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