Creating Activities

An activity allows you to create a general type of service or offering, each with specific pricing categories for your customers to select from. After creating an activity, you can create multiple availability schedules, which determine the dates and times that they can be booked, or create an inquiry, allowing customers to inquire about a specific activity that does not adhere to a set schedule.


Use the left navigation bar to go to Inventory > Activities. Click the Add Activity button.

This will bring you to the Create Activity page.

Enter the following information:

Main Information (Required)

Title - The title of your activity (not too long and not too short).

Description - A brief description of your activity for your customer (Write a couple paragraphs).

Departure City - Enter the location where your activity will depart from and then "Select the nearest big city" from the menu located to the right of the map, so that we can group this activity to a broader touristic region. After-which, you can drag the pointer should you wish to indicate a specific departure point within your selected city.


Additional Information/Settings

The following options are available to you in the Addition information/setting section:

Is active, Highlights, Itinerary, Routes, Activity Category, Inoperative with Discount Codes, Is eligible for Packages. 

 Save Information


How to edit your activities 


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