Your dashboard

When you first sign in to your admin desk, you will also start at the dashboard. The dashboard will show you a general overview of your upcoming trips, recent orders, and has a selection of options for getting started as fast as possible.

Before your store is enabled your dashboard will be a simple 4 step guide with links to help you set up your website, and then change to the default overview style dashboard when your site is set up and ready to accept bookings.

The Main Dashboard


On the top left side of your dashboard, you will see two buttons that quickly take you to important sections in TrekkSoft's software.

Create an activity - Takes you to a streamlined version of the Tour Creation section. This will allow you to quickly fill out the minimum amount of information required to create a tour.
Manage Availabilities - Takes you to the Inventory Management section. Here you can manage your specific trip dates. The Inventory Management section allows you to view specific trip details as well as edit, cancel, or delete a trip/trip 

You can filter the Upcoming Trips view on your dashboard by using the dropdown menu directly above the list of departure dates. You can also select the agent from this drop down menu to display this chart that represents the number of passengers that you have booked each month.

On the right side of the dashboard, there are three more quick-buttons:

Distribute your Product - This will take you to the Marketplace section where you can select which marketplaces you would like your tours to be offered in.
Create Discount Codes - Brings you to the Discount Code creation page, where you can create discount codes to lower a passenger's trip cost by a specific percentage. These codes can also be limited to specific tours.
Create Voucher Codes - Brings you to the Voucher Code creation page, where you can create a Voucher Code that will reduce the total transaction amount in a customer's order by a specific amount of money.

Below these buttons, you can see a quick summary of your most recent bookings.

Each booking has a unique icon associated with it that explains which channel the booking came from:

  • Mobile (Phone)
  • Web (Globe)
  • Agent Desk (Earpiece)
  • Backend App (Smart Phone)
  • Widget (Gears)


To show all of your bookings, click on the Show All button, which will take you to the Bookings Overview page


Tour of the Dashboard

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