What is TrekkSoft?

TrekkSoft is a complete booking management and payment system for tour operators and activity providers. By complete, we mean that TrekkSoft is all you need, from customer acquisition to post-trip communication and customer reviews. TrekkSoft can integrate seamlessly with your existing website, or TrekkSoft will host a new website for you at no additional charge. Once this initial integration is set up, you can begin tracking your customer bookings and managing your tour capacities with a convenient user interface.

TrekkSoft also allows the use of Agent/Partner networks, meaning you can have others resell your tours and activities without worrying about accounting and record keeping on the side.

TrekkSoft also opens up an entire network of opportunities for increased sales volume by automatically adding vendors to the TrekkMarket, an international market of tours and activities that is growing every day.

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