Mobile Pages

Mobile Pages

TrekkSoft automatically creates a mobile version of your website which you can further customize with welcome text and extra pages. Each mobile page is coded with Google's Material Design language, so your website has a clean, intuitive look.

You can also allow your customers to search for activities based on the location that they are searching from or the type of activity by creating custom tour groups.


Customizing Your Mobile Welcome Page

Visit the Mobile Content Page by going to Design and Pages > Pages on the top navigation bar. 

Select Mobile Pages 

Here you can create custom welcome text that will appear at the top of the mobile page, above the groups of activities that you will create later.

The Activities around me button under the text editor is a great feature that allows users to click an "Around me" option for them to find activities that are located close to their mobile position. This feature appears when the customer opens the side navigation menu on the left side of the mobile page.

Adding Content Pages

To add a content page to your mobile website, simply click on the Add Page.

Next, just choose a name for your page and add your text.

After clicking save, your page will appear on your mobile site's menu.

You can also change the order of your pages by adjusting the sequence number next to each page.

Creating Mobile Collections

The collections option allows you to group your activities in the mobile section into different categories. 

To visit the collections screen, go to Design and Pages > Collections in the top navigation bar.

On the Activity Groups section, you will see all of the groups that you have created.

You can also edit the order that the groups appear by changing their values in the "Sequence" column.

Click the "Add Collection" button.

Enter the title and city of your tour group. You can also select the "Default group" check box if you would like this group to be used as the default group for this language. If you would like to edit other language versions, save this tour group, and then return to select different language tabs.

Add activities to this group by clicking the gray "+" sign next to each tour.

Once you are done, click Save.


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