Chargebacks, Transaction Costs and Refunds

Below you can find a description of operating costs associated with TrekkSoft's payment system. For specific amounts, please view our Terms of Service 



Every once in a while, issues might arise with your customers where they request a charge to be credited back to them after it has been processed. TrekkSoft charges an additional fee for doing this, due to fees that we incur from the acquirer.


Transaction Costs

TrekkSoft's transaction costs are applied automatically when we process your payments. Updated details and pricing can be found in our Terms of Service.



TrekkSoft will also process all refunds, as long as they have been placed through our payment gateway. When a refund is processed, our transaction fees still apply. To learn how to submit a refund, visit our help guide - Cancelling, Refunding or Rebooking a Customer.

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