Currencies and Exchange Rates

Available Currencies

TrekkSoft offers a number of currencies which can be changed by going to Settings > Your Profile in the top navigation bar. You must select one default currency. When setting the prices for all of your tours, this is the currency that you will be pricing the value in. The default currency price is then converted based on the exchange rates that you have set.

As of now, you can select from the following currencies:

Code Currency name
EUR  Euro
CHF  Swiss Franc
AUD  Australian Dollar
BRL   Brazilian Real
CAD   Canadian Dollar
GBP  British Pound Sterling
NOK  Norwegian Krone
NZD  New Zealand Dollar
SEK  Swedish Krona
USD  US Dollar
ZAR  South African Rand

The currency that a customer uses to pay your business is the same currency that you will receive from TrekkSoft, so you will be responsible for converting that currency once it is given to you. Be sure to double check your exchange rates so that you do not lose money during the conversion.

If a partner is reselling your tours, then your partner's default currency needs to be enabled on your account, and your exchange rates need to be set.

Exchange Rates

The exchange rate for each currency can be set by clicking on Settings > Bookings Settings / Reminders on the top navigation bar.

When selling through a partner, your own exchange rate will be used when the tours that you own are purchased by their customers.



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    Michael Trummer

    Only logical informations. No deeper info about cashpayment at guide, how it works on tablet, fix € prices ...

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    Alexander JE Bradley

    New Zealand dollars are listed in this list, but when I go to the site, it is not listed there.

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