Basket Detail View and Adjusting Account Balances

Viewing a Customer's Transaction Details

Each Customer's order can be viewed along with all of the details that relate to that particular purchase. In the Basket Details view, you can view the referring Agent, PDF documents, payments, rebates, or any other relevant information that has to do with a specific transaction.

To get to the Basket Details view, click on Bookings > Overview on the left navigation menu.

Next, click Details button next to the order ID that you would like to review.

This brings you to the Basket Detail View

User Profile
View the user's profile and account information that was originally collected.
Re-send Emails
If a customer did not receive a confirmation email or notification, then you can click here to view and resend the emails.
Change Agent
Change the referring Agent of the order. This will also transfer the associated commission to the new Agent.
PDF Documents
Tickets, Terms of Service, and any other PDF documents that relate to the specific order.
History of Payments
A list of all money flows including payments, fees and rebookings that are associated with the transaction. There should be an even balance of 0 at the end of the process, otherwise an "Outstanding" or "Overpaid" status will be displayed.
Basket Summary
A summary of which tickets/items the user actually purchased.



Adjusting Customer Balances and Transactions

A list of bills related to this order. You can add a bill to your records by clicking the Add Bill button. Bills are used to keep track of bills/invoices that have been sent to a customer.

The cash flow of payments that have gone to you, your agents or TrekkSoft. To add an additional payment to this ID, click Add Payment.

Any refunds that this customer received in a specific transaction. You can add a full refund or a partial refund by clicking the Add Refund button. If the customer paid through Trekksoft's payment system and the Refunded by drop-down menu is set to "TrekkSoft" then TreffSoft will automatically refund this transaction to the customer.

Fees that have been charged to the customer. You can add a fee by using the "Add Fee" button. You can also add automated fees to your tours by edited the individual tour's details in the Inventory section.

Rebates will deduct from the customer's outstanding balance. To add a rebate, just click "Add Rebate". This will not refund any amount to the customer's credit card account or payment method, and it is only for your records.


NOTE: Except for the "Refund" feature, the fields above will not credit or debit a customer's credit card or payment method, they are only for recording purposes, and the transactions will have to be processed manually. All refunds that have "TrekkSoft" in the "Refunded by" field will be refunded automatically by TrekkSoft.

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