Payment Gateway

Choosing a Currency

Straight away you can start using TrekkSoft to accept payments using the TrekkSoft Payment Gateway. All major currencies are accepted using this method. However If you want to use a currency which is not listed as supported with the TrekkSoft payment gateway then all you have to do is choose from one of our supported 3rd party payment gateways which does accept your currency.



Currencies compatible with our payment gateway


If you wish to choose another currency which is not listed here, then you will need to open an account with one of the following payment gateways which does accept your currency.



TrekkSoft can handle all of your payments and transactions through our own payment gateway in multiple currencies. Our payouts are based on our Terms of Service, the selected payout frequency, and the history/risk assessment of each merchant.


Payout Methods

TrekkSoft offers wire transfer as the main payout type which deposits the money directly into your selected bank account. We will pay you out in the same currency which you have chose to receive from your customers.

Simply go to the Settings drop down menu at the top navigation bar, and select the Your Profile section.

Click on the Bank & Payouts button where you should enter your bank account information.



TrekkSoft Commissions

The TrekkSoft Commission report, located in the Reporting > Accounting section on the left navigation bar, will display a summary of your Payouts, as well as the net total of each stage in the payment process - from your customer's purchase to your bank account. Each pay period should show an even balance of 0 after TrekkSoft has paid your commissions.

Please make always sure to insert the SWIFT Code for your bank - and please make sure it is the SWIFT Code of your bank and NOT of your intermediary bank. TrekkSoft can`t process payouts through intermediary banks. You can find your swift code by using this link - For example the bank of america SWIFT Code is: BOFAUS3N - please make sure that you only use bank accounts from banks which have a SWIFT Code and are part of the SWIFT System.

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