Guest Manifests and Emailing your Passenger List as PDF

You can quickly generate Guest Manifests, showing a list of customers that are attending a particular tour/date and additional information about them. This is great for giving to tour guides that need to keep track of their group and take attendance. TrekkSoft also has a very convenient feature which allows you to email every customer who is attending a trip, to let them know of any changes or additional information.

How to access your Trip Lists and Guest Manifests

To generate a PDF Trip Manifest or email participants follow these instructions: On the left navigation bar select Schedule & Manifests > Manifests & Trip Lists, you will then be presented with the Trip List view. Next, locate the activity for which you would like to generate a manifest and/or email participants and select Details.

Hint: You can easily filter your activities in the Trip List view, see Viewing And Managing Your Activites Schedule

Guest manifest

Each merchant is able to select and order the columns for their guest manifest. Go to Guests > Options. 

To reorder the columns, simply drag and drop the fields. Should you wish to remove columns from the Report columns click on the negative sign to the right (indicated below). 

You can group the participant list by guests (default), baskets and resources. This allows you to see who booked with whom and provides an easy way to see which resources are selected.

Furthermore, merchants are also able to filter and sort by each column.

Export selected guests

When satisfied with your filtered selection, navigate to Export to generate a PDF or CVS manifest with customer information for that specific trip.

The first page displays tour information, trip date, available price categories, and any remarks.

The second page shows a general manifest list, here is an example of two test passengers:

Email Participants

To email all of the participants on a trip, simply select Notify Guests. This will bcc every participant with the message you choose.

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