TrekkSoft allows you to maintain your SEO authority from your original website page while still using our hosted pages. This is done by directing your customers from a unique path (i.e. "") to a specific page on your TrekkSoft page (i.e. ""). You can also choose to block search engine spiders from crawling specific pages and indexing them.

Setting up a Custom URL Redirect

After forwarding your specific website page to your TrekkSoft URL, you can set up connections to automatically redirect your customers based on the unique path that they were referred from.

First, you need to forward traffic from your own unique URL to TrekkSoft. You can do this in a number of ways: by forwarding all traffic from the domain, a sub-domain, or an individual page. For more information on setting up the redirect, see our CNAME Records, Root Domain Redirects and SSL Certificates section.

Once you have forwarded traffic to TrekkSoft, you can select which pages the customer should be directed to by going to the Apps > SEO section on the top navigation menu.

Add details to the following fields:

"From" Path - The unique path that will be sending traffic to TrekkSoft. For example, if your website "" is forwarding traffic from the page "" then you would enter "/testing" in this field.
"To" Path Type - Here you select which type of page you would like the forwarded traffic to land on - a specific CMS page, the details page of a Tour, the booking page of a Tour, or the voucher booking page for a Tour.
"To" Path - The specific tour/CMS page that you would like the forwarded traffic to be directed to.

Once you have finished filling out the information, click the Save button and the custom redirect will be added to the list.

Disabling Search Engine Crawling to your TrekkSoft Page 

To disable search engine robots from indexing your TrekkSoft page, simply click on the Crawling tab after going to the Apps > SEO section in the top navigation bar.

Once you check the "Do not index and show my pages on search engines" checkbox, the robot.txt file will be edited, and no longer allow robots to crawl your TrekkSoft pages, so they will not be indexed in search engines.

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