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You can customise most of the aesthetic details of your TrekkSoft website such as colours, fonts and styles. To create even more of a custom fit for your business, you should also upload a logo image, which can override the default "Trekksoft" logo at the top corner of your page.

Using the top navigation bar, go to Design and Pages > Themes.

Page Title - The company name to appear in the top navigation bar (See image below) - Required 
Page Keywords - Keywords that relate to your company, making it easier for clients to search your company through search engines. - Optional

Changing your Colours, Fonts, Logo & Images

There are a lot of customisation options: 


Click on the field, select the colour you would like, and double click it or press enter. When you are happy with your colour selection, click Save.


Logo & Image

Logo Image (General) - This is the logo that appears whenever a placeholder is used, for example on PDF tickets or on the left side of the header on your website. If a logo is not used, your company's name will be used instead.




To change your fonts, simply select the font that you would like to use. You can select both your regular text font, and the font that will be shown in the headings of each page.


Insert your company address and contact information.  

Changing your Theme

To switch themes, select Switch Theme and choose from our theme options.


Custom CSS

TrekkSoft allows you to fully customise your TrekkSoft website with complete access to the CSS code. 

To edit the CSS code, go to Design and Pages > Themes and click the "HTML/CSS Editor" on the right-hand side of the page:

Please note, you should edit the CSS code at your own risk, because there is no CSS support at this time. You can request that your CSS file be restored to the default code, but all previous changes will be lost.

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