Page Content and Sequence Order

Adding an Element to your Page

It is important to add content elements to your pages otherwise the pages will remain blank. Select Design and Pages > Pages on the top navigation bar. Find the page that you would like to edit, and click Action > Edit content.

* Please note: The above will only work if you do not have a template selected. Please refer back to Create a Page  for more information on page layouts. 

Or on the page details you can select the tab Page Content that will take you to the Edit Page

Click on the Page Content Tab and then click "Add Content"

This will bring you to the Add Content screen

Sequencing of the Content

When you return to your original Page Elements tab, you will see all of the elements that you have added to your page. This is the order that your elements appear in on your page. To change the order of the elements, simply click on the  and move the contents in whatever order you prefer (see figure 1).

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