Booking Desk and Sales Desk

Booking Desk 

To access the Admin and Booking desk go to View Website > Booking Desk 

While the Admin Desk is a great tool to manage your business and bookings, the Booking Desk was built to help generate and streamline sales. The Booking Desk is a Point of Sales (POS) tool, designed to create bookings and record purchases that occur over the phone, in-house or through other hotels/agents that are promoting your business.

Once a user has been allocated to an Agent, the Agent will be able to sign in to the Booking Desk. Depending on the rights that have been assigned to the Agent, the Agent can view upcoming trips and availabilities, book trips, sell vouchers/add-ons, and even generate widgets to use on their own websites. You can restrict the Agent from accessing most of these by editing the Agent in the Promotion > Agents section.

Click here to learn more about creating Agents


 Sales Desk

The Sales Desk section on the left navigation menu gives the Agent a complete Sales interface to help improve their overall rate of success.

The Sales Desk consists of three sections:

  • Dashboard- A general overview of the Agent's recent bookings, and a quick summary of upcoming trips.
  • Shop - The shop allows Agents to sell add-ons to a customer. 
  • Cart - Once Agents have added tickets and/or add-ons to the cart, they can go to this section to review and complete the transaction with their customers.  

The Reports section allows the Agent to know important information at a glance.


The top section shows an few filter options, allowing you to filter your activities.

On the right, the Agent can see the last 10 bookings that have been made.

The last Upcoming Activities section shows the Agent a list of trips that are coming up, so that they can quickly reference them.

Shop Section

The Shop section is a very straightforward view that allows the Agent to place Add-ons and Gift Certificates into the customer's cart.

Simply select the quantity, and click Checkout to update the cart.

Cart View

The Cart view is a summary of the customer's order, and gives the Agent a variety of checkout options.


The lower half of the Cart view gives the Agent the option to enter a voucher code, change the Agent associated with the order, select/change the MultiDiscount, or select another user associated with the purchase.

NOTE: If a voucher is applied to an order, the entire voucher will be used and there will not be a remaining balance on the voucher, even if the total transaction was lower than the value of the voucher.

At the bottom of the page, the agent has three payment options to choose from


Reservation - The customer will pay the entire price in person or at a later time.
Cash - The Agent is responsible to hold this amount and pay it back to the original vendor. This would also apply when using an in-house credit card machine or similar setup. The payment reference is the memo associated with the transaction and the treasurer is the individual who is responsible for holding the money.
Online Payment - The customer will pay via credit card through TrekkSoft's payment gateway.
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  • Avatar
    Neil Joseph Woerner

    Overall this is a really good explanation, however, it must be old. I came here because I had specific questions about the payment reference options for Agents, but I see that it is not (no longer?) the way it is described here, so... in the end it is not helpful. :(

  • Avatar
    Tom TrekkSoft

    Hi Neil,
    Thanks for your feedback and we have updated the article with new screenshots and information.
    What specific questions do you have about the payment reference options for agents and I would be more than happy to assist.
    Alternatively you can reach out to who would also be happy to help.

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