Partnerships and Partner Networks

TrekkSoft allows vendors to partner up with each other. Partnering with other companies can drastically improve the overall profitability of every party involved. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a partnership.

How to connect with partners

Your Partner Network

If you have a subscription that supports a partner network, then you can manage your network and connect to other merchants based on a defined commission. You can either search for other partners by name or connect them through the TrekkConnect hash.

TrekkConnect - Easy Connection with other Partners

As previously mentioned, there are two ways to build your partner network or get resold with other partners: you can either search for another partner by name (granted that you have their permissions beforehand) or you can enter their TrekkConnect code (obtained from the partner with whom you want to connect).

Every merchant with Accelerate or Ultimate Subscription has access to TrekkConnect, where they can define their default commissions settings and the activities they want to share. They can then share their unique hash with other partners and resell activities for the selected commissions.

Remember not to share your TrekkConnect code with everybody as this allows another merchant to directly connect with you. If you change your default connection settings, your existing connections are not changed. Existing connections can be changed under Network Administration, if you have the permissions to do so. You always can unshare your activities in the tab Activities you are sharing:

Once you have created a partnership with another vendor you can go to the Channel Manager > Partner Network section on the left navigation bar to manage the tours that you are sharing, as well as the tours that are shared with you and available for reselling.

Once you are on the Manage Partner Tours page, you can see the tours that you are sharing, and are able to check off the partners with whom you would like to share your activities. On the Activities Shared With You tab, you can select which tours you would like to resell on your partner's behalf.

After checking off an activity, you can create Buy Now buttons or add the tours to custom Activity Lists as if they were your own.

Double Opt-in

Both parties need to have mutually agreed on a commission rate and overall structure for their deal. This is assured through TrekkConnect or the Network Administration tab where you can set your default commission rates or set new rates, which need to be approved by both merchants.

It is important to agree which languages a tour can be sold in so that the original vendor who owns the tour is able to provide translations and general support for the languages that the reselling partner is using.

It is also important that both parties communicate regarding which currencies will be involved in the deal. For example, if the original vendor is only accepting USD, then the reselling vendor will need to make sure that their exchange rates are set properly. The original vendor's exchange rates will also be used in the reseller's transactions.

Net Rate Prices and Commissions

You can find more information about the net rate prices and the commissions here.

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