TripAdvisor - Widgets and Features

TrekkSoft has integrated with TripAdvisor, so you can quickly generate customer reviews and display feedback from your tours to help convert more customers.

We offer a number of features including custom CMS elements, a built in review section on the Tour Details page of your site, as well as an automated post-trip email to bring your customers directly to your TripAdvisor page to write a review.

Setup the Connection to your TripAdvisor Profile

To add your TripAdvisor profile, go to Apps > TripAdvisor on the top navigation bar.

This will bring you to the TripAdvisor page.


Next, add your TripAdvior URL or ID and click Save.

TripAdvisor on the Tours Details Page

Once you have enabled the TripAdvisor App, a small widget will appear on the right side of every tour's detail view.

Add TripAdvisor CMS Elements to your Website 

To add TripAdvisor elements to your website, first go to the CMS by going to Design and Pages > Pages This will take you to the CMS page.

Next, click on the Actions drop down on the right side of the page and select Edit content elements to go to the page editor.

Click on the Add content button and select the TripAdvisor Widget under the Other section. 

* Please note: The above will only work if you do not have a template selected. Please refer back to Create a Page  for more information on page layouts. 

There are two types of Trip Advisor Widgets

TripAdvisor Details Wedget

This element displays a large list of recent reviews from your customers.

TripAdvisor Summary Widget

This element displays a small summary of your ratings.

For information on using other elements, please refer to the Page Content and Sequence Order section.

TripAdvisor on your emails

To remind your customers one last time to review your company, you can add a button to your profile on your post-trip reminder email:


 Note: Please have in mind that if an activity is Archived in TrekkSoft, the link to this activity in your emails or TripAdvisor integration won't work. In order to fix it you need to unarchive the affected activity. 

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