Create "Book Now" Buttons for your External Website

If you prefer to keep your current website, opposed to creating a new one with us, there are many ways to do so. TrekkSoft allows you to continue to manage your sales, bookings and accounting by integrating purchase buttons on your tour page.

Creating a Button

There are a variety of options available when integrating TrekkSoft's buttons into your website. These are described below.

To generate the codes for each button, go to Design and Pages > Website Integration on the top navigation bar. This will bring you to the Widgets page


You will see the HTML code for the button, a shortcode version that can be used with our Wordpress plugin, and a preview of the button at the bottom of the window. You can also click the Joomla! Plugin link for a Joomla! version. Simply copy the correct code, and paste it into your website. You can also customize your button with a unique label or color combination.


Button Types

There are quite a few options to select from when creating a button, and each company has a different need, depending on their business model and Content Management System. For example, some websites will not work with JavaScript FancyBox code, and will need to use the HTML version.

Fancybox/Lightbox (JavaScript Required)

A small popup window is generated on top of the page. The customer will not be redirected, and the browser will not open a new window to view the content.


New Window (No JavaScript Required)

This option will open a new popup window. This may be blocked by popup blockers, until the customer chooses to allow the popup. Below is a live example of the button:


Link to TrekkSoft Website (no JavaScript Required)

This option will redirect the user from the current page directly to your TrekkSoft page. The live example below will move you from this page to the TrekkSoft demo page's tour.


URL (Only for Advanced Users)

This option will create a popup window that goes to the "widget" view of its destination page. This is the same view that the JavaScript Fancybox links to in the first example. This option should only be used for advanced users, because it is difficult to manage the formatting of the popup and widget view itself, as you can see in the live sample below:


Content Type

**You can also select which page you would like your button to bring the customer to. The Fancybox and URL button types (listed above) will always bring the customer to the widget view of your content page, while the New Window and Link to TrekkSoft Website options will go directly to the desktop version. You can see samples of the various Content pages below:

NOTE: The Tours Overview and Tour Finder options are not available for the Link to TrekkSoft Website option.

Tours Overview (Select a Group)

This page displays an overview of tours. You can either display all of your tours, or select a group that you have already created.

New Window and Link Version:

Fancybox and URL version:

Tour Finder

This view allows customers to search through all of your tours based on their needs. They can filter tours based on date, price and location. There is only a widget version of this page.

Tour Details (Select a Tour)

This view shows the details of a specific tour. This page will also display your Description, Highlights and Itinerary, as well as a map with the location of the tour and an image gallery.

New Window and Link Version:

Fancybox and URL Version:

Tour Booking

The Tour Booking view shows the customer all of the available dates for a particular tour, and allows them to select which dates they would like to purchase a ticket for.

New Window and Link Version:

Fancybox and URL Version:

Shop Overview

The Shop Overview section displays all of your individual items that you created for your store page. This can also be limited to a specific group of items.

New Window and Link Version:

Fancybox and URL Version:


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