Customise your T&C's, PDF Tickets, and Emails


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You can customize your Terms and Conditions text, which your customers will see and agree to during checkout. Below is your Terms of Service, which can be used as a short summary that is placed on the customers ticket. 


To alter the automatic emails sent out to customers, select the emails tab at the top of the templates page. 
Here You can see each automated email and a description of when each email is triggered. To customize the emails, simply click on the pencil to the right. When editing the email templates, you can use placeholders. For example, you can use {user.firstname} to automatically add a customer's first name in this space. The available placeholders are listed at the bottom of the Edit E-Mail Texts page.


Placeholders are area's reserved for information that changes. For example a place holder for the customers name will then automatically input the customers name in that space when the email is sent.


In order to further tailor your customer's experience to your company, you can create your own PDF tickets, by either starting from scratch or modifying the existing template.

Each Activity type (Attractions, Trips, Vouchers) has its own custom PDF template which can be customized according to your business. By adding various fields, QR codes and customer information, you can be sure that each ticket has all of the information that you need.

To edit a PDF ticket go to the Tickets Tab and select the Customise button to the right of the ticket you want to customise.

You can download the original template by pressing Create Copy and make a few minor changes, or can create an entirely new one be pressing the Choose File button, locating your background template in the form of a PDF file, then press Upload. Once you have uploaded your own Background or copied the default one. There are a number of placeholders available for you to position over the PDF image, including Customer Names, Logos, and QR codes. Simply click on the type of placeholder that you would like to insert, and then select what information you want within the placeholder.

To re-position placeholders, click and drag. 

To modify or delete a placeholder, double-click on the placeholder and options will appear for it.


Note: Using our QR code feature along with a mobile scanning app, you can validate and manage your tickets on-site by quickly scanning each customer as they arrive.

Once you have finished positioning the fields, click Save.

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