Creating agents

Creating Agents

TrekkSoft provides an Agent feature, which allows others to sell services on your behalf.

If you would like to give an agent the ability to sign in to use the Agent Desk, then you must allocate a user name to the Agent. Each unique user can only be allocated to ONE Agent, but an Agent can be allocated to more than one user. Each Agent can be assigned different rights in order to further accommodate your business model and restrict access to specific information such as bookings and commissions.

If an Agent does not have an allocated user, then they will only be able to provide their Agent Code to customers when they purchase a ticket, opposed to booking trips for the customer on their own.

To create an Agent, select Promotion > Agents on the left navigation bar. From here, click the Add Agent button.

Agent Code - This will be the code that is entered when purchasing a ticket, in order to let our system know that a specific Agent is responsible for the sale. It is best practice to create a discount code that is deducted when the code is entered, in order to give customers more of an incentive to use the codes in the first place.

Commission - This is the percentage of the sale that is paid to the Agent as commission.

Accounting Period - This setting determines when balances and account summaries are calculated for payment

Bank Details - Notes to keep about how to pay your Agents. 

Permissions - We have various types of Agents. Each of them has a number of permissions, depending on their ranking, but these are totally customizable for you to create your own types of agents! 


If the option is clicked, it will mean that the agent can do whatever is written in the description. If we unselect it and save this agent, the agent will lose the permission that we unselected. 

If you wish to assign a username to the Agent, select the Allocate Users button on the top of the page

Next, select the user(s) that you would like to assign to your Agent.

Once you are done, click Save.


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