Custom Fields

Types of Custom Fields

Custom fields are perfect for collecting additional information that you need from your customers (such as hotel, height) or for your own personal records (order invoiced, down payment accepted, paid with cash and so on). 

To create a custom field, click the Design & Pages drop-down menu on the top navigation bar and select Custom Fields.

Select which area you would like to create a custom field for


Guest field

A custom guest field will let you get specific information from the customer when they book a trip with you, such as their height, food allergies or other required information.

You can define whether or not this information is required before a booking, after or not at all.

See our price category documentation for more information. Price Categories

If you choose to ask for these details after booking, on the "Thank you" page there will be an option for your customer to input their additional details. 



Add a custom field to a tour in order to record specific information about the tour itself. You can also hide this field from your customers if you would like.




A custom user field will help you collect information about your individual users who have signed up with your company.



A custom basket field is very useful for internal records and can be as simple as a check box that lets you know that an order has been completed.

Creating a Custom Field

Once you have selected an area from the tabs, click the Add new field button.

This will bring you to the Create New Field page.

Field Name - Name of the custom field.

Field Type - Select the type of custom field.

    Text just requires your customer to write in a box (for example, flight Number)
    Radio Buttons allows your customer to choose one option out of a list created by you
    Check-list allows your customer to choose multiple options out of a list created by you
    Drop down list is similar to radio buttons except comes in the form of a drop down menu
    Date allows your customer to choose a specific date. (for example, their DOB)

Is required - Is this field mandatory for the customer/user to fill out?
Visibility - Is this field visible to your customers?
LabelThe heading for the custom field (when visible to the customer).
OptionsThe possible choices for this custom field (this is only applicable for radio buttons, checkboxes. and drop-down lists). When adding more than one option, be sure to write one option on each line.
Limit to Activities - Select which tours you would like this field to apply to.


Custom Fields & Packages


In order for a custom field to show only once when booking a package you will have to check the following option:


This way, even though both activities need the same CF, it will show only once.

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