TrekkSoft App - Mobile Backend App

TrekkSoft offers a mobile backend app, the TrekkSoft App to allow merchants to manage their business mobile. We also support and offer a mobile card reader to take bookings on the go and swipe credit cards to allow an efficient purchase experience at the point of sale.

Mobile Card Reader

Depending on your subscription plan you get a card reader for free or you can purchase one online here.

iPhone App

You can download the current version in the iTunes App Store here. The app is working with iOS 7 or higher and works on iPhone 4 and higher.

Android App

You can download the current version on the Google Play Store. The card reader is also supported for the Android phones but only specific models are supported by the Hardware so please check before you purchase one. We've tested the below models ourselves successfully.

Manufactorer Model Notes
Samsung Galaxy S3  
Samsung Galaxy S4  
Samsung Galaxy S5  
HTC One Disable Boost Audio

You find a complete list of supported models on the Manufacturer page here.

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