Getting Started - Distribute & Market your Activities

You've finished uploading your activities, added unique customizations, and smoothed out your overall booking process to reach your full potential in managing and growing your business. The final step is to funnel as much traffic as you can to your company, whether through promotions, third-party marketplaces, or direct in-person sales. TrekkSoft has all of these in one place, so you can scale your business to the next level in the least amount of time.

Promotional Codes for Percentage Discounts

Discount Codes are used in a number of ways, and reduce a customer's total transaction by a certain percentage. If you use resellers or agents who sell on your behalf, you can give them their own unique discount code to track all of their referrals and keep accurate records of their accumulated commissions based on a set rate. Discount codes are also a great way to add incentive for customers to book with you in the moment and to generate buzz on social pages and websites. To create voucher codes, go to Promotion>Discounts/Vouchers on the left navigation bar.

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Voucher Codes to Discount a Specific Amount of Money

Similar to discount codes, voucher codes can be used to promote specials or offer incentives to your customers. These codes are also used as gift certificates, and each code is a unique code which can only be used one time. After applying the code to a transaction, a customer's basket total will be reduced by the amount associated with the code. To create a voucher code, go to the Promotion>Discounts / Vouchers section on the left navigation bar, click on the "Vouchers" tab, and then click "Create Voucher".

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Expand your Sales Channels by Applying to Marketplaces

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your activities and increase your sales is to share your offerings through other marketplaces that have already been established. TrekkSoft is continuously looking for more partnerships and marketplaces to partner with, making them available to every vendor who qualifies. TrekkSoft finds the perfect balance between cost and efficiency, having already done the research and negotiating for you, and offers the best overall value so that you can stay focused on managing your business. Each partner marketplace has its own approval process, commission fee and Terms of Service, which must be reviewed and accepted. To review and apply to your available marketplaces, go to Channel Manager > Marketplaces using the left navigation menu.

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Take Point of Sale Bookings (commission-free) in Person

In addition to the Admin Desk, TrekkSoft's Agent Desk was designed for "point of sale" bookings. This means that you can create new user names for your employees to make bookings and manage customer information from one place. The Agent view can be restricted so that specific information cannot be viewed by anyone except for the administrator of the account. If you take cash in person, you can still enter the booking into your TrekkSoft account, generate a ticket for the customer and see the total reflected in your accounting reports - all for free.

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You're Ready to Leave your Computer Behind - Mobile App

Once your account is set up and completed, you can download TrekkSoft's mobile app, and manage everything from your phone. The mobile app was specifically designed to allow complete control over managing your schedule, adjusting capacities and taking new bookings without sacrificing usability. This means that you can update your inventory and availability or charge a new customer in a matter of seconds. To process transactions even faster, check out our optional Mobile Credit Card Reader

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