Integrate your website and CNAME records

Now that you're ready to show your activities to the world, it's important to select the best option for integrating our software. There are two main options that allow you to take bookings through your own, company branded booking system:

Add Booking Buttons to your Existing Website

TrekkSoft offers a number of options for "Book Now" buttons which integrate directly into your existing website. Whether a button should bring customers directly to the booking screen of a specific activity, or a general "Tour Finder" to determine which activity is best, you can generate unique codes for your buttons and paste them directly into your website within minutes. One of the greatest benefits of this type of integration is that our "fancybox" will display a booking window that hovers above your page, and processes your customer's payment information before dropping them right back to the page they were on. This means that you never have to worry about losing valuable website visitors that are directed to other, third-party domains and marketplaces which can result in the purchase of a competitor's activity, and even the customer returning to the third-party website for repeat purchases. TrekkSoft's button integration ensures that you keep your potential customers on your website.

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CNAME Record - Use your own domain name

Every company has a unique TrekkSoft URL as soon as they create an account (i.e. However, by adding a CNAME record to the domain name settings (DNS) of your own website address (i.e. you can direct traffic to your TrekkSoft page without showing the standard "trekksoft" address. This is great for marketing purposes, as is very easy for customers to remember a standard ".com" URL that is branded with your company name - and easier for them to return for repeat purchases.

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