Customize the Look & Feel of your Website

Now that your TrekkSoft account is up and running, you can add the unique branding and personality of your business. This allows your customers to feel a greater sense of familiarity, quality and overall professionalism when booking your activities - leading to higher conversion rates and more sales. Some of the most effective customizations include adding your unique logo, creating custom booking fields to collect important information from your customers, designing your own tickets, and editing the automated emails that are sent to customers throughout their experience.

Upload Your Logo

To upload a logo for your business, click Design and Content > Theme (Colors, Fonts, Logos) and you will be brought to your design and content settings page. From here, you can upload a unique logo for your TrekkSoft page, mobile page and even for customer emails.

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Design Your Tickets

TrekkSoft has standard ticket templates that are sent after every booking, but to make sure that your account fits seamlessly with your current process, it is a good idea to customize these templates. By editing the layout and the unique information that appears on each ticket, both you and your customers can be more informed about their purchase. To edit your ticket templates, go to Design and Content>Templates (PDFs, Emails) on the top navigation bar. Click on the "PDF Templates" tab, and then "Modify Custom Template" next to the ticket or receipt that you wish to work on.

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Adjust your Automated Customer Emails

Your customers automatically receive emails at various points in the booking process, before the date of an activity, and after to help generate positive TripAdvisor reviews. Your customers also receive a separate email after purchasing an item from your shop. You can edit the text in these emails to make sure that they are always relevant and contain the information that you would like to communicate. Similar to adding ticket fields, your emails can also contain placeholders that automatically generate information such as the customers name, order ID, or activity details. You can edit your emails by going to Design and Content>Templates (PDFs, Emails). Then, simply click on the "E-mail Texts" tab and select which emails you would like to edit. 

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Custom Booking Information

Many businesses require additional information about their guests such as weight, preferred pickup times, or food preferences. These custom fields can be added to your customer booking form, and can be further customized to be activity-specific questions. To add custom fields to your booking process, navigate to Settings>Custom Fields using the top navigation bar and click "Add New Fields". After selecting the name, type, and visibility options, click save and these fields will appear in your reports. You can also add custom fields to your tickets and item receipts.

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