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Creating your activities, or inventory as we also call it, is the first step to setting up your TrekkSoft account. The inventory is the foundation to your business and without it, you will not be able to sell your trips online. To make sure your activities are bookable, you’ll also need to add schedules and prices to it. A schedule lets your customers know what dates and times they can book your activities and the price lets them know what you charge for it. Once this is done, your activity can be made available for your customers to book. In this post, you’ll learn how to create an activity.

Let’s get started!

To create an activity, go to the navigation bar on the left and click on Inventory and then Activities. Click on Add Activity.


This will bring you to the Create Activity page.activity_-_creation.png

The activity creation page is divided into 4 main sections:

  1. Info: this is the basic information related to your activity: title, description, highlights, itinerary, departure city, and the route if your activity has more than one stopping point.
  2. Settings: these are options Trekksoft offers you so you make your activity as yours as possible. Let’s see each option separately:
    1. Is it Active? This is a very basic setting and as long as you want this activity selling your answer should be YES!! We can deactivate this option if we’re not selling that activity anymore and we don’t want it to show on your site.
    2. Inquiry: activate this option if you would like the visitors of your site to send you messages about said activity with doubts, maybe dates questions or private trip requests. The fields in the form can be edited to make sure you’re collecting relevant information.
    3. Confirm/Charge later: this option will allow you to manage when your trip is confirmed or not. With this option checked, your customers will be able to book the trip but the money will only be reserved on their account and will be charged once you confirm the trip is happening. This feature only works with TrekkPay. Read more.
    4. Activity Category: choose a category suitable for this activity. If you’re using TrekkSoft’s website builder, this will be used in the Activity Finder and will make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for.
    5. Inoperative with Discount codes: If checked, customers will not be able to redeem gift codes with this trip.
    6. Is eligible for package discount? Package discount is a percentage discount that is granted if a customer books multiple, different activities or accommodations. Checking this box enables this package discount. Read about how you can adjust the discount here.
    7. Select a Smartwaiver template: if you need your customers to sign a waiver before your trips you can always use the integration TrekkSoft-Smartwaiver.
  3. Taxes: how’s your activity taxed? Add the necessary taxes from one side of the box to the other.
  4. Resources: if you’re activity is powered by busses or kayaks, this is the time to specify every last one of them so we can later have them in mind to construct your activities’ capacity.

Once you’re done hit on SAVE, you’ll see a new module appear:


Now you can give a bit of substance to all your text by adding some audiovisual content!!

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