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To get started with TrekkSoft, the first important step is to create your general inventory (your services) and add a booking schedule and price categories to it. If you prefer more detailed, step-by-step instructions, click on the "More Details" link at the end of each section:


Create an Activity

An Activity contains all of the general information about your tour, activity, excursion or service. With your tour description, itinerary, general highlights, geographical routes, and photos from along the way, the Activity is the foundation of your company's inventory.

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Define when this activity is bookable, create a schedule. 

Schedules define when your activity is bookable and the maximum capacity for each specific activity. There are three types of schedules that can be selected: Trip/Attraction (date and time), Rental (time slots)  and Voucher (not restricted by date or time). After entering the date/time and capacity for a single tour, you can select the "repeat until" option and repeat that calendar rule daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Every time you adjust a capacity or schedule, your available inventory will instantly update across all of your sales channels - including marketplaces, websites, mobile, and even the inventory of other TrekkSoft vendors that you have decided to partner up with.

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Set the price for your schedule and activity

The third step in creating a bookable activity is setting your prices. Whether you sell one "Standard" ticket type for all, or prefer to offer varying ticket types such as "Adult", "Child", or "Senior", price categories allow you to manage options and inventory to an even more specific degree. With the ability to manage the capacity of each individual price category, you can create higher demand by selling a small portion of discounted "Early Bird" tickets, which will no longer appear once they have sold out. There are a huge number of possibilities to choose from when you have the freedom to structure your pricing model the way you want it.

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