Connect to GetYourGuide Marketplace

Why you should connect to GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide operates a large online marketplace for tours, activities, attractions and even dinner reservations.

  • Benefit from GetYourGuide’s brand in the travel industry
  • Get access to a larger audience online from the Europe, where GetYourGuide has a strong presence.
  • There’s little admin work for you. Simply enable the connection via TrekkSoft’s Channel Manager and Map the activities and TrekkSoft will share your availabilities and cut-off times and process external bookings.

To enable your local Expert Connection:

On GetYourGuide

  1. To be eligible to connect to GYG, you need to  create an account on their platform.
  2. Once you have confirmed your information, an email will be sent with a link which you’ll use to activate your account.

On TrekkSoft


  1. Go to “Channel Manager” and click on “Marketplaces”.
  2. Find on “GetYourGuide” and click “Apply”.
  3. Accept the terms of the connection.

To manage your trips from the Channel Manager:

  1. From “Marketplaces”, find “GetYourGuide” and click on “Manage”.
  2. Your activities list will show up and you can select which ones you’d like to sell via GetYourGuide.
  3. Click “Manage Activities” on the API & Connection > GetYourGuide view


To manage your trips from the Channel Manager:

1. Select each Activity with a checkbox that you’d like to connect to GYG

2. You need to map each schedule ID from the TrekkSoft System with one single GYG tour option ID. If the pricing categories in the GetYourGuide settings are matching the ones in Trekksoft, it will pair them automatically

3. Add the correct GetYourGuide Tour ID and Tour Option ID

  • You will need a Tour ID for each one of your activities, you can find this on GYG’s URL when you open an activity:

  • They need a Tour option ID to map the price categories. They can find this ID on GYG’s activity page, on the options tabScreen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_09.59.32.png

4. Click “Save” and the mapping will be shared with GYG, it takes up to 72 hours until GYG updates their mappingScreen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_09.51.38.png

5. You will receive an email from GYG once the mapping is processed

This is how a booking will look like on your dashboard:

  1. From your “Booking Overviews”, you will see a round symbol that indicates a booking made through a market place.
  2. Click on “Details” to find out where the booking came from.


Availability synchronization with GYG

  1. Once a day for 90 future days
  2. Once a week for 365 days
  3. TrekkSoft automatically notifies GYG about a schedule change, a sold out trip, blocked and enabled trips

Requirements for shared activities:

  1. Less than 10 hours cut-off time
  2. Mapping of product needs to happen within TrekkSoft System
  3. Price categories mapped based on age band
  4. Add-ons cannot be matched
  5. GYG tries to connect within 72 hours and send an automatic email to the supplier that they are connected
  6. Suppliers can contact GYG via the contact form in their Supplier Administration Desk. Please select ' I have a question regarding API connection’.
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