The Expedia Integration

Before applying to Expedia from the TrekkSoft dashboard, please make sure you have an account set up with Expedia.

If you have not registered with Expedia, please go to Join Expedia Local Expert and complete the application process. Please make sure to mark TrekkSoft as your booking software used as that helps with getting accepted. Afterwards, please wait for Expedia`s response regarding your application.

If you already have an account set up on Expedia, please go to TrekkSoft Marketplaces to enable connectivity with Expedia. 

In order to apply for the Expedia connection via TrekkSoft, go to Channel Manager > Marketplaces and locate Expedia on the list:


When hitting on Apply you will see this pop up:


Accept terms of Service, and you'll see that your Expedia module has changed:


If you click on Cancel the connection will be interrupted and none of your activities will be showing on their end. 

You need to contact your Expedia Destination Manager in order to enable the connection to the Expedia API and request a CSV export of your products to upload to Experience Bank. They will be able to guide you through the process.

This being done, you’ll already be able to start mapping your activities on you Experience Bank account.

The mapping itself is very simple, you just need to follow the steps in our Experience Bank article.

When you add something new to your TrekkSoft inventory:

  • Adding a new schedule
  • Adding a new price category
  • Adding a new activity

If you map these to a product that was already mapped before for Expedia, it is not necessary to notify Expedia contact person.

If you map these to a product that was disabled or postponed, please notify your Expedia contact person.

If you create the same new items on Expedia`s side, please follow the following steps:

  1. request an updated CSV file from your Expedia contact person
  2. upload on your Experience Bank account for the Expedia channel
  3. notify your Expedia contact person that they can update the mapping on their side


  • Before changing anything on TrekkSoft Schedules (special tagline, departure times, duration, start or ending date) please notify Expedia of the change so they can do it on their side as well. If you do change something without advising them, the mapping will be affected.



  • Each time you add a new schedule it’s recommended to notify Expedia about it if you want the change to be done ASAP.


  • Deleting a price category/schedule for active schedule will cause an error. If you disable activity, you should notify expedia as well. 



  • To map seasonal schedules: price categories, start time and special tagline needs to be the same in both schedules


  • You don’t need to worry about Capacities, these are automatically updated.



Expedia Basket Example:



Can I map this?

  • Activities w/ multiple schedules: yes
  • Seasonal schedules: yes
  • Variable Pricing: yes
  • Voucher Schedules: no
  • Cut-off time: no
  • Multiday schedules: yes
  • Yield Management: no
  • Rental/Accommodation: no/no
  • Packages: no
  • Booked after the start time: no
  • Exclusive/private price cat: no


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