The 'Sale Import' Feature

This is a feature thought for flash sales where you will drop your prices, increase the capacity of your trips and welcome a lot more customers at once. 

The prices you will need to change for yourself, this feature changes the capacities of the trips only by uploading a CSV file.

How does it work? 

First of all, you will have to create a CSV file (excel) that contains: 

  • The price category ID 
  • Availability ID
  • Updated capacity you want to apply to the flash sale

In order to locate Price category ID and Availabilities ID, go to your dashboard and locate the trip you want to update, and click on the capacity number:


This pop up will come up:


The Excel file will look like this:


*Please note that the first row of the file won't be taken in account for the Sale, so either leave it empty or write down the names of the columns as we do in the example. 

Once you've drafted this document, locate the SALE IMPORT button on Inventory > Activities

This pop up will come up:


Upload the file here, and hit on validate. After a few minutes you will see that the capacities of your trips have been updated! 

In order to end the sale, change the capacities on your Excel to 0 (zero) and upload the CSV again. 

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