Rental Rules

With TrekkSoft is possible to apply different prices to rentals as the time goes by, by applying some rules to your rental schedules, let see how it goes! 

How do we do this? 

Once you've created a Price Category under a Rental Schedule, you can unfold the drop-down and locate the Rental Rules option:


By clicking on it, you'll get the following form:


This means that:

 - If my customer books 2 hours on my website would be 80€

 - However, if my customer books 3 hours, would be 90€, if he books 4 hours it would be 120.

 - If in this example, my customer books 5 hours, it would be 100€


See how Rental Rules apply to the real world here.

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    Neil Joseph Woerner

    "Time slot" is not really defined. From the example above it seems as though 1>2 is a one hour time-slot, starting at the opening time?, but... what about 2>3? Intuitively, a 3 hour slot would be: 1-4 (1>2+2>3+3>4. How is this managed for full day and multi-day discounted rentals? Thanks!

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    Product Managers

    Hey there Neil!!

    The time slot is actually given by the set up of your schedule. If we look at the example above, in the very first screenshot you can see the information:
    "Time Slots - all day"
    So in my example, I'm working with a multi-day rental.
    Please see here "Date, time and Duration" to get more information on the topic.

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    Neil Joseph Woerner

    Thanks for the follow-up! I see now that the time slot is defined by the "Duration" defined in the Schedule setup. And that the "Price" is "price per time slot" for the number of time slots defined, not a cumulative price. It's not immediately clear, but after a little experimentation, I have it working as expected. BTW- I think the example above may be incorrect. If slots 1-2 are price 40 Euro, then 2 slots (2 hours) would actually be 80 Euro? At least that's how it works on my schedule. Thanks!

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    Product Managers

    Hi Neil!
    You're right!! I'll correct it right away.
    Let us know if you have more questions!

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