Private/Custom Tours

If you have irregular schedules or would like to create a special booking for your customers, this can done within your booking desk.

First, activate the permission for your agents by going to: Promotion > Resellers & Agents > Edit Agent. By default this option is disabled.

Next, go to the booking desk. Select the arrow next to the green Book now button, here you will be presented with a Create custom booking option for each activity.

Select the type of activity; whether it's linked to a specific date or time or a free sale voucher. Insert all the necessary activity schedule information. 

Add your guests and specify all the information within your price categories, as there are no predefined price categories for this type of booking.

Once you have completed the booking, you can either mark it as paid or make a reservation. If marked as a reservation, a unique invoicing/payment link can be sent to the customer for payment. 

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