Access your Guest Manifest on the POS Desk to Check-in, Rebook or Cancel a booking

The Guest Manifest is also available in POS Desk. You can access your Guest Manifest on the go, allowing you to view all the details about your guests for a specific trip. From this list, you can: 

  • Cancel or rebook a guest 
  • Check-in guests

There are two ways of access your guest manifest. 


Method 1: From the Availabities view

Tap on Availabilities from the top navigation menu and scroll down your list of activities till you've located your trip. 

Select the trip then tap on the icon next to the number of attendees. 



Then, a pop-up will appear where you'll be able to Check-in a guest, Rebook or Cancel a booking. 



Method 2: From the Bookings view

From the Bookings view, select a booking and tap on the icon (the one with two people). 

Your guest manifest will pop up showing you the full list of guests attending that specific trip. 



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