Getting started with the POS Desk

The Point Of Sale or POS desk is another one of our booking platforms created to help you and your agents take bookings in an easier, simpler way. This POS Desk can be accessed view your web browser on either our desktop or tablet.  

The POS Desk is made up of three main sections: ActivityCalendar and Bookings



Here, you'll find a list of all the activities you offer. Click on any of them to start the booking process, or click on "More Details" to get a detailed description of the activity.

You can filter activities by: 

  • Company 
  • Departure Location




The calendar view allows you to see a monthly calendar and search for activities based on a departure date.





The bookings tab shows all your recent bookings.

You can filter bookings by:

  • Basket ID, user details or activity title
  • Trip Date
  • Booking Date



Take a booking with the POS Desk

STEP 1: Select an activity from your Activity or Calendar view

Then, you'll be able to choose to make a booking for a specific date or without a schedule. If you choose to make a booking without a set date, you'll be creating a Voucher. 


You can also filter out by vouchers or rental schedules:



STEP 2: Select a date and the number of guests 

When you're happy with your selection, click on Book Now on the bottom left. 



STEP 3: Fill in the details for the booking

Add guest details, change agent, add a voucher code or package discount, or change the buying user. 

When you're done, select the Pay button at the bottom left. 



STEP 4: Select payment method

Select one of three options:

  • Reservation (No payment made at the time of booking)
  • Pay online (Payment made via the POS Desk)
  • Book as paid (Payment made offline, in cash)

By clicking on the payment method, the booking will be confirmed and a new basket will be created. 

Learn more about Basket Details View here >> 



From this page, you will be able to view or download the PDFs for the booking, cancel or rebook the guest, or go back to the main activities list.



Note: All Agent Permissions are taken into account when using the POS desk. This means that if one of your agents is Isolated, for example, she/he won't be able to see other agent bookings, won't have access to Guest Manifest, book custom trips, cancel guests, rebook guests and so on.


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