Getting started with POS Desk

POS Desk interface is built of three major tabs: ActivityCalendar and Bookings.

  • Activity tab lists all the activities in your offering. Click on any of them to go to the booking process, or click on the bottom of the square to see a detailed view and see the description of an activity. You can filter activities by: 
    • Company 
    • Departure Location
  • Calendar view allows you to see a monthly calendar and search for activities based on a departure date.
  • Bookings tab shows the last bookings taken, for you to keep record, or to suggest a "most wanted" to your clients. You can filter bookings by:
    • Basket ID, user details or activity title
    • Trip Date
    • Booking Date



Taking a booking is very easy:

  • Select the desired activity from the previous screens, you'll be able to choose between booking a concrete date, or a voucher schedule:


  • Click on the desired date and add number of guests:


  • We'll click on the BOOK NOW button at the bottom of the previous screen to start the booking process. Here we can fill in guest details, change agent, add a voucher code or package discount and change the buying user:


  • Click on PAY to specify the payment method and save the booking:


  • By clicking on the payment method, the booking will be confirmed and the basket created. From this view we can view or download the PDFs, cancel or rebook the guest and go back to the activities list: 



Note: All Agent Permits are taken in account for POS desk, this means that if one of your agents is Isolated, he won't be able to see other agent's bookings, won't have access to Guest Manifest if this option is selected, booking custom trips, cancel guests, rebooking them, etc. 

POS Desk is a multilingual platform, so if you're lacking any language, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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