POS (Point-of-sale) Desk Introduction

Together with our existing line of products Website Builder and Mobile App the POS Desk is one of the most important components of TrekkSoft offering, allowing you to boost your over the counter or agent sales, improve efficiency and leverage the quality of your service.


But you still may wonder what does POS Desk exactly mean and what does it do?

Well, the idea behind the Point-of-Sale Desk was to deliver a great booking & marketing tool for you and your agents. And that’s what the POS Desk really is for. Thanks to its very user friendly display it allows you to make effortless bookings with a couple of clicks only and no training is necessary.

On top of that, POS Desk may serve as an activity booklet to show trip information (details, itinerary, maps or pictures) to your customers directly at the point of sale. All you need is a tablet, laptop or a smartphone in hands of an agent.   



Who is POS Desk designed for?   

When coming up with the idea of creating POS Desk, one of the first scenarios we imagined it working on was a Concierge/Hotel reception through which you could resell your activities.

But the array of use-cases goes far beyond that, we've seen people use it as a self-serve kiosk where the clients could just browse through the activities by themselves without having to wait the queue or talking to an employee.

You or your agents can use this product at pretty much any point of sale and help your business grow without a hassle. 

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