Partner Activities sold within a Package

If you're connected to another TrekkSoft account through Partner Network, now you're able to share activities and include them in one of your packages in order to sell them. 

How do we do this?

First of all, we're going to create a package as we normally do - How to create a Package.

Go to Inventory - Packages - Add new Package - define main information for the package. 

Now, we get to the step where we need to add the activities to the packages:


You will see your activities mixed with the activities your partner is sharing with you.

Activities will only show up if, as a partner, you're using Net Rates.

When selling them:

 - The seller will see the sold package normally in the Bookings Overview

 - The activity provider will see the activity sold by the seller as a booking for a single activity, not a packaged activity:


Both will show the same Booking ID. 

Under Reports, it will show on the Sales reports for the seller; and Partner Reports for the activity provider. 

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