The Downpayment Feature

This feature brings you the possibility of charging your trips in more than one time.

You will be able to set the minimum amount to pay, but at the same time, your clients will be able to top that amount in case they want to pay a little more in this first payment for the activity.

Let's review how it works:

On the Downpayment tab on the price category editing module you'll fin the following new option:


You can set the price you want, and your customer can either pay the price you set, or increase it. They'll never be able to offer less upfront but what you ask from them.

This is how it will work on your website:


First of all, they'll see the total amount the trip they are booking is worth;

A new row has appeared here: the Amount to pay now; this number, the client is able to substitute by a higher number only:


The amount they have to pay in that moment automatically changes to match the amount the client is willing to pay.

This feature works for Rentals & Vouchers as well. It is set up the same way, and with the same look&feel for your final customer.


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