Voucher Schedule

A typical schedule allows you to set a time or day (or both) for customers to book your activities, and for you to indicate capacity. Without a schedule, your activtiy cannot be booked. 

With voucher schedules, you can sell trips and activities that have no capacity limitations, no start- or end-time, and no fixed duration either. When purchasing voucher tickets, guests don't need to select a preferred date and time for the activity. Instead, they can show up and have their tickets validated at any time. 

Voucher schedules are used for trips and activities that do not require capacity management. For example, events, attractions and parks. It could also be used for private tours, rentals, or as gift vouchers.




Validating vouchers

You can use the TrekkSoft mobile app to validate tickets. All you need to do is to use the ticket scanning feature to check if the ticket has been previously redeemed. 

The video shows how to scan and validate a ticket.



TrekkSoft offers two other different schedule types that let you set times and capacity. 


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