How to create a Voucher Schedule

For your activities or inventories to be visible and bookable by customers, you need to add schedules to your activities. In your schedules, you will determine the date and time of the activity and the capacity for each trip (i.e. the maximum number of spots per trip).

In this article, we’ll learn how to set up Voucher Schedules. Voucher schedules are different from the “Attraction/Trip” schedules because it is not limited by capacities and it does not require pre-assigned start date or time.

This flexibility allows your customers to select a time and date that suits them. Therefore, voucher schedules are typically used for private tours, as gift certificates, or for transfer services.

STEP 1: Go to “Schedule & Prices”

After creating an Activity, you’ll have access to “Schedule & Prices”. Click on this tab and then select “Add Schedule”.


STEP 2: Select a schedule type

Since we’ll be creating a Voucher Schedule, go ahead and select “Add Voucher”.


STEP 3: Enable the voucher and add a price

Voucher - Check the schedule as active. If not, the schedule will not be bookable.

Price Category - Give your schedule a price category with name, description and determined price. Compared to the other schedule types, when creating a voucher schedule you add the price category directly to the schedule. You can also add additional price categories to this schedule.

STEP 4: Save

Once you've completed these fields, your schedule is done. Click Save.

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