TrekkSoft's White Label App

For Enterprise Subscriptions, TrekkSoft offers the White Label App

What's the point you might ask. The point is having your own mobile app in the App Store/Play Store displaying all your activities. This means that your clients can have a direct access from their phone to your activities, and get their bookings with it.

Let's take a quick look at the white label we have crafted for our account: Amazing Activities. 

First of all, you will see your logo displayed full screen in the phone:


Once the app starts, the first view will be either one of your collections or the view of all of your activities:


The view of the activity:


If you hit on "Play video", the video will start playing automatically on full screen:

Now, let's see the booking process:




On the thank you page, we offer two options to the user:

                                  Show Booking Tickets               Back to Tours



This application can be customised in colour, images, logos, anything you can think of to be the proud owner of a mobile app! 

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