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Central Contracts FAQs

Your frequently asked questions answered.


What are Central Contracts?

Central Contracts are a new way for suppliers and distributors to do business together. Suppliers offer a Central Contract (aka wholesale) to TrekkSoft and we distribute this on your behalf to our preferred distributors.  

Read our article on Central Contracts to learn more 

Why use Central Contracts?

Except for the very biggest of companies who have dedicated contracting teams, most suppliers end up wasting weeks at a time trying to identify who to talk to in multiple OTAs, then negotiating over rates, availability, payments, terms & conditions etc.

Our new solution allows you to avoid all of that work.

We have APIs in place to deliver live bookings, we have terms pre-agreed with distributors and we know who to talk to, to get things done.

Suppliers now have no reason to miss out on developing a diversified distribution strategy.

Initially, the Central Contracts will be introduced with a limited number of OTAs before introducing it to a wider array of marketplaces. 


What are the main advantages of Central Contracts?

  • Grow your distribution options with minimal work.
  • Deal with one point of contact for all your distribution channels.
  • The more diversified your distribution, the less reliant you are on any one reseller for your business. 


How do I get started with Central Contracts?

  • Download and complete our Supplier Profile (please make a copy to fill out your information here). In it you will highlight practical information such as your location, your Unique Selling Points (USPs), who your tours or activities appeal to and so on. This is important information which we share with new and existing distributors.
  • You will also sign our Central Contract Agreement (downloadable PDF here). 
  • Once complete email both forms to
  • We will then get in touch with you from there. 


Is there a minimum period for Central Contracts? 

There is no minimum period for which you have to use these contracts. If you would like to cancel your Central Contract with us, jJust give us one months notice in writing and that is it. 


Can I switch to a direct agreement with an OTA?

Once a fixed period (determined by each OTA) has elapsed from your first booking from the distributor, they can replace the Central Contract with a direct agreement if they feel the volume of business justifies it.


What if I already have direct agreements in place?

All your existing commercial arrangements with OTAs remain unchanged. 

The primary purpose of these contracts is to get new distributors for your product and not to replace any existing arrangements. 


Do I have to make any technical changes?

No. You only need to have an existing API connection to TrekkConnect in place. 

Learn more about setting up TrekkConnect here


How do I get paid?

The distributors pay us and we will pay you the agreed NET rate by the 21st of the month.

You will also receive a full transaction report showing all the bookings generated from connected third party distributors. 


Is there a set up cost for supplier?

No, there isn’t.


Do all distributors operate with Central Contracts?

No. It’s primarily for distributors, particularly Asian and Latin American distributors, who don’t have contracting teams in specific regions.


Once I sign up to a Central Contract, do control where my product(s) appears?

Yes. With every OTA, you must still ‘Enable’ the connection to a new distributor.

If you do not wish for your product(s) to appear on a specific channel, do not enable the connection and it will not appear. 

Once I sign up to a Central Contract, are distributors obliged to take my product?

No. We will present your product with the information you have shared with us. 

If the distributor already has similar options in place, they do not have to accept our recommendation. 


First Participating OTAs

  • Adrenaline Hunter
  • City Sightseeing 
  • Evendo
  • Globol


Please note that TrekkConnect is support by ExperienceBank, a subsidiary of the TrekkSoft Group.