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Backend app: Take a Booking

This is the fastest way within the app to make a booking. 

To fully get the advantage of this functionality, you should have a TrekkSoft card reader nearby, this way you won't have to type CC information manually. 



From this view, you have a list of the scheduled activities you have for the next day.

The main data you get is:

  • Date
  • Name of the activity
  • Time of the activity
  • Occupancy

You can change the date by changing the filters on the top-right corner:


When clicking on any of the activities, you'll start the booking process. Here's how it looks on the app:




  • If you choose the Reservation:
  • Choosing a Credit Card:

 or, if

you don't have a TrekkSoft CC Reader: 

  • Cash Payment:

In order to see your freshly made booking, go to Manage Bookings!