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Backend app: Manage Bookings


    From this view, you can see the last 200 bookings you've gotten in your account. On a single glance, you get an overview of which bookings are done and fully-paid, which ones have been under or overpaid.


    You can filter bookings by:

    • Activity name
    • Client name


     Once you click on booking this is what you'll see:


    In this last screenshot, you can see a little box in the top right corner, it will give you three possibilities:

    • Add Payment: if the client just arrived at the activity and paid for it by hand, the agent can add this payment to his booking.
    • Add Refund: if the client paid more than necessary or wants to quit the activity, you can trigger the refund directly from this screen.
    • Send all tickets to: a pop will appear, asking you to introduce the email you want to send all the tickets to.