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Backend app: Getting Started

You can use Trekksoft on your mobile device or tablet!


TrekkSoft (backend) App is deprecated and will be fully removed on September, 30th.
Please refer to mPOS app which is the new mobile app that will replace the old one. 


To download the app, you can find it on your App Store or Play Store in your phone or tablet:

playstore appstore


Once you've downloaded and installed the app, open it and you'll see the login screen. In order to access your account, you need to use the email and password you use to access TrekkSoft normally.

Note: If your email is linked to more than one TrekkSoft account, we will ask you which site you wish to log into during login.

(You can see a quick video preview of the app at the bottom of this article here).  


Once logged in, you will be directed to the Dashboard. In the Dashboard, you can access the four main sections of the app and check your latest bookings. Below is an explanation of each of the four sections:  

appico1 Upcoming Activities: here you can find all the activities you have programmed in the system for the upcoming 7 days. 
appico2 Take a booking: the title says it itself, tap on this option to register a new booking in your system.
appico3 Scan a Ticket: this view was thought for the Guides/Agents receiving people to start an activity. By scanning the code printed on their tickets, the client will be registered as "arrived" for the activity in question.


Manage bookings: from this view, you can see all the bookings received in your system. You'll be able to Add payments, add refunds, send tickets to your client or cancel the booking. 


The Burger icon burgericon  in the top left-hand corner is the menu. This is how you'll mostly move through the app. You can always find the icon located in the top left-hand corner of your device as you browse through the app.

Inside the menu, you will find the following options:

  • Dashboard - This is essentially your home screen. You can choose this option to get back to the main screen at any time.
  • Upcoming Activities, Take a Booking, Scan a Ticket, Manage Bookings - All four options are explained above.
  • Sales Reports - This will redirect you to your reports inside your Admin Desk (speak with your Administrator for Trekksoft if you do not have access
  • Give Us Feedback - CLick this option will direct you to your email client to send your feedback to our developers. Any feedback is useful so feel free to let us know your thoughts!
  • Get Started - This page gives a brief overview of the app and its main features. 
  • Settings - View more detailed information of settings below:
    • Auto Refresh Upcoming Activities - Enable this feature to automatically refresh your upcoming activities data. You can choose between 1-60 minutes for the app to auto-refresh.
    • Credit Card Reader Settings - If you have access to a credit card reader, you can select and enable it here. 
    • Printer Settings - If you have a printer, you can select the printer and print your receipts here using this option. 
    • Auto-Printing - Select this option to enable or disable auto-printing (you must have already connected a printer to use this option)
    • Daily Cash Report - Click to enable/disable if you would like to view a daily cash report
  • Logout - When you are not using the app or you need to use another account, log out of the app here




App Quick Video Preview 

HubSpot Video


Last Updated [31/03/2020]