Mobile App

Backend app: Getting Started

    To download the app, you can find it on your App Store or Play Store in your phone or tablet:

     - Android Devices

     - Apple Devices

    Once you've downloaded the app, open it, and you'll see the login screen. In order to access your account, you need to introduce the email and password you use to access TrekkSoft.


    If your email is linked to more than one TrekkSoft account, we will ask you which one you want to access:


    This is the Home Screen, from which you can access the four main sections of the app and check your latest bookings:


    The Burger icon on the top left screen is the menu, this is how you'll mostly move through the app, you can always find it in the same place:


    • Upcoming Activities: here you can find all the activities you have programmed in the system for the upcoming 7 days. 
    • Take a booking: the title says it itself, tap on this option to register a new booking in your system.
    • Scan a Ticket: this view was thought for the Guides/Agents receiving people to start an activity. By scanning the code printed on their tickets, the client will be registered as "arrived" for the activity in question. 
    • Manage bookings: from this view, you can see all the bookings received in your system. You'll be able to Add payments, add refunds, send tickets to your client or cancel the booking. 

    On the Dashboard, you can see the latest booking that your system is receiving, just as in the Desktop Dashboard. 

    On the Menu;

    • Get Started: here you'll find a bit of documentation on the app and how to start getting used to it.
    • Logout: in case you have other accounts, we've added this shortcut for you not to have to close the app and open it again.